K155 - Positioner


Lead Time:
2-3 Days



This positioner is used with the M22520/2-01, AFM8 tool frame and adapts the tool frame to a particular application. The data plate on each positioner designates which contacts the positioner accommodates for its wire size and indicates selector position. 

Contacts serviced:

Cannon 030-1952-000
Cannon 030-1953-000
Cannon 030-2464-014
Cannon L750-20HDL
Cannon L3198-20HDL

Can be used with these DMC Crimp Tools:

AFM8 Hand Crimp Tool Frame
WA22 Pneumatic Crimp Tool Frame
AFME8B Battery Crimp Tool Frame

Specification Value
Shipping Weight 0.05 LBS
National Stocking Number 5120013619625
National Stocking Number 5120001173938


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