PMBT1200 - Pneumatic .125 Wide Two-step Emi/Rfi Mini-band Application Tool


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EMI/RFI Band Application System for M85049/128 Shield Termination Bands.

The PBT1100 & PMBT1200 series Pneumatic Band Application
Tools are lightweight, dependable, and easy to operate. Many of
the components are interchangeable with the corresponding hand
tool. DMC’s Pneumatic Two-Step Banding Tools are compatible
with all currently available bands to M85049/128.

PMBT1200 .125 Wide Band Application Tool:
• Size:  8.75” L
• Weight:  1.52 lbs.
• Tension Range:  70-90 lbs.

A hand operated version of this tool is available, P/N:  DBS-1200.

Work with the DBS-R05 (M81306/2-02D) Roll Over Tool for .125 Wide Bands.

Verification of Two-Step EMI/RFI Band Tools:

DMC’s Two-Step Band Application Tools may be adjusted and verified to insure correct band tension. In order to make this operation simple and efficient for field use, DMC designed
and patented a compression fixture system (DBS-CG3A) which uses a Go/No-Go Gage to measure the tool tension.

The DBS-CG1 Laboratory Calibration Instrument will allow the operator to measure the exact tension produced by the tool.

A free standing holding fixture is available (DBS-CG1-F) to aid the calibration process by securing the DBS-CG1 and banding
tool in place. The DBS-CG1-F holding fixture secures the banding tool in place during calibration. This fixture only works with the Two-Step Tools and DBS-CG1 Calibration Instrument (Banding tools and DBS-CG1 are sold separately)

Specification Value
Shipping Weight 5.6 LBS


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